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The Mechanism of Your Data Protection From The Description By An Employee Parties

Data Recovery

The modern age is the era in which people innovate, creating anything to facilitate human work. In this age, technology is growing and sophisticated. All technologies are controlled by humans through computer software. All human data can be obtained through the computer so that between someone with others can connect easily. However, this kind of technology needs to be noticed, because of the abundance of data abuse by irresponsible people will result in a crime commonly called cybercrime. To combat such crimes, people are required to protect their data with cybersecurity. This security is designed in such a way as to safeguard Internet users data from leaks or theft.

Cyber Security

Data Protection Mechanism

The protection mechanism is another aspect of applying the concept of confidentiality, integrity, and availability. The protection mechanism is also a common characteristic of security control. Not all security controls should have a protection mechanism, but many security controls offer protection for the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your data through the use of this mechanism. Included in this mechanism are:

  • Layering: Layering, also known as a deep defense. The use of multi-layered solutions allows many different controls to prevent any threats from happening. When the security solution is designed in layers, then most threats will be eliminated or foiled. It is one of the most effective data protection mechanisms implemented by cybersecurity.
  • Employing abstraction: the concept of abstraction is used to classify objects. Abstraction is also used to define the types of data that contain objects, functions that can be performed by the object, and the capabilities possessed by the object. Thus, abstractions can allow you to assign security controls to a group of objects that are collected by type or function.
  • Data hiding: the goal is to prevent data accessed by the subject. The data is hidden so it cannot be accessed by unauthorized visitors and restrict the subject by making a lower classification. Data hiding is a key element in security controls on cybersecurity.
  • Encryption: has a purpose to hide the communication intent of unwanted recipients. If the system has been encrypted, then between encrypted users can take many forms and applied to any type of electronic communication, including text messages, audio, and video.

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